Aequilibrium extra virgin olive oil

Standard packaging includes:
3 bottles of 500 ml
3 bottles of 250 ml

Superior quality Italian extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and only using mechanical processes. Cold pressed


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This oil is the result of the challenge of turning lots of things that differ into positive harmony. The equilibrium that the Maggiore family found in its new social and geographic sphere (Monferrato) they learned from olive trees that integrate well in the setting of Monferrato, adding value to the land that they call home. This is where the name Aequilibrium comes from.


Coratina arrived, accepted the challenge of beginning again in a new place, and, in spite of climatic and agronomic adversities, produced its extra virgin olive oil, part of a life that not only never ends but that creates new lives too. This is the new value, an assertive value.
Coratina in itself is an excellent product that has settled into its new home in a totally open way, creating even more excellent products. An added value that is a gift straight from Monferrato.


Aequilibrium, as you will know by now, is an exceptional oil with unique characteristics.
In Monferrato the Coratina olives are pressed and processed less than 24 hours after harvesting, just like they are in Stornara.
This means the end product has exceptional qualities, as a scientific analysis shows:
– an acidity measuring 0.20 (four times lower than the legal standard)
– a very high vitamin E content.
– a high content of oleuropein, the main polyphenol in the leaves and the fruit of the olive tree and that gives the olives their characteristic bitter taste. Oleuropein is believed to have beneficial properties against many diseases such as neoplasms, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.


By believing in harmony we can recreate what nature teaches us. Assertiveness is a concept that involves growth, and by growing, it leads to new things.
What does this label tell us? The whole range of diversity comes into being every day. In the light of dawn, it shows its typical colours of green, yellow and blue, before blending them all together to create perfect white.
White is pure harmony, the pure equilibrium of midday.
Then, from white everything returns to where it was before, to the sunset, which is not the end but simply the prelude to a new dawn. Because if you see the dawn, you’ll see the sunset too.

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